Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Zvingys as well as Zvingis - Who'da Thunk

Had dinner with a Lithuanian lady named Virginia this week.  I'd uploaded my autosomal DNA to and we'd matched out as 4th cousins.  After a few conversations, she was travelling through Florida and we got together for dinner.  I brought along my Uncle Danny.

Humor point.  I'd asked if I could bring my Uncle, and they said sure.  They had a vision of someone 80 years old.  Danny is only 5 years older than me.

So I was showing her my tree, and she pointed out Zvingis in Lithuania would probably be spelled Zvingys in many situations ( the Z would have a hat on it too ).  Interesting.  Going to have to do some doc revisions.

So are we related?  Probably.  Her father was from Tirksliai, Mazeikiai, Lithuania, same as my great-grandfather, Juozas Zvingis / Zvingys.  

And her mother was from Vieksniai, Mazeikiai, Lithuania, where my  Great-Great Grandmother, Anna Petrauskas, as well as my Great Grandmother, Martha Balvocius was from.  

Virginia didn't have a good fell for her family tree beyond her parents.  Quite a few wars and such if you've ever read up on Lithuanian history.  Maybe one day we'll figure it out. Hoping I can get to Lithuania one day and dig in, leaving a real document for my kids.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bowes and Dunnes and Flynns and Powers and more

I'm also researching my wife's tree.  Researching someone else's tree is a more delicate process. Luckily my mother in law is still pretty sharp and has a ton of great stories to share.  My wife's tree has turned up some fascinating surprises, which I'll share as this blog progresses.

So the names I'm after for my wife's tree, beginning with her grandparents:

BOWE Thomas Joseph - 1905-1989 - New York
---- BOWE Patrick Dominick Francis 1876 Kilkenny Ireland- 1941 Bronx
----+---- BOWE Thomas Joseph 1833-1902 Waterford
----+---- FLYNN Mary Anne 1854-1885 Waterford
----+----+---- FLYNN Peter 1826 Waterford
----+----+---- MCGRATH Bridget 1829-? Waterford
---- POWER Mary Catherine - 1883 Waterford 1969 Bronx
----+---- POWERS William James - 1860 - ? - Waterford
----+---- HALLEY Mary 1860-? Waterford
DUNNE Anne Patricia Catherine - 1905 - 1989 - New York
---- DUNNE John Joseph 1889-1956 Tipperary / New York
----+---- DUNNE Thomas 1848-? Limerick Ireland
----+---- QUIGLEY Catherine 1861-? Tipperary Ireland
----+----+----QUIGLEY Margaret 1821-1911 Tipperary Ireland
---- ENRIGHT Catherine - 1886 Tipperary Ireland - 1972 Albany New York
----+---- ENRIGHT James Patrick 1854-1911 - Limerick Ireland
----+----+---- ENRIGHT Thomas 1820-? Limerick Ireland
----+----+----+---- ENRIGHT James abt 1790-? Limerick Ireland
----+----+----+---- MURPHY Mary abt 1790-? Limerick Ireland
----+---- RYAN Anne 1855-? Limerick Ireland
----+----+---- RYAN Thomas 1808-1875 Limerick Ireland

As always, if you have any interest in these trees or the names contact me.  Always open to a dialog or a skype session.