Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Zvingys as well as Zvingis - Who'da Thunk

Had dinner with a Lithuanian lady named Virginia this week.  I'd uploaded my autosomal DNA to and we'd matched out as 4th cousins.  After a few conversations, she was travelling through Florida and we got together for dinner.  I brought along my Uncle Danny.

Humor point.  I'd asked if I could bring my Uncle, and they said sure.  They had a vision of someone 80 years old.  Danny is only 5 years older than me.

So I was showing her my tree, and she pointed out Zvingis in Lithuania would probably be spelled Zvingys in many situations ( the Z would have a hat on it too ).  Interesting.  Going to have to do some doc revisions.

So are we related?  Probably.  Her father was from Tirksliai, Mazeikiai, Lithuania, same as my great-grandfather, Juozas Zvingis / Zvingys.  

And her mother was from Vieksniai, Mazeikiai, Lithuania, where my  Great-Great Grandmother, Anna Petrauskas, as well as my Great Grandmother, Martha Balvocius was from.  

Virginia didn't have a good fell for her family tree beyond her parents.  Quite a few wars and such if you've ever read up on Lithuanian history.  Maybe one day we'll figure it out. Hoping I can get to Lithuania one day and dig in, leaving a real document for my kids.

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