Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ona Zvingaite, my great-great Aunt. Death record from fever....

Death record for my great-great Aunt, Ona Zvingaite / Zvingis / Zvingys....  Ona is Anna in English.  Ona is the daughter of Juozas Zvingis Sr, my great-great-grandfather.  His son and her brother Juozas Zvingis emigrated to the USA 100 years ago.  Zvingis may also be spelled Zvingys.

The record is handwritten Cyrillis...

Ona Žvingaitė, daughter of peasants Juozapas and Morta Žvingis, died 19 years old, fever, in 19 of February, 1904 and buried in cemetery of Tirkšliai parish in 21 of February.    

By verbal story, Juozas Zvingis Sr was drafted into the Japo-Russian war.  He deserted back to Lithuanian.  When he arrived he had back scarlet fever or smallpox.  He and five of the children died from the disease  Ona is probably one of the children that died at this time. 

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