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Ana Bavocius / Butkus / Vaicilius of Maigai

Here's a quick pass at the history of Anna Balvocius, my great-grandmother's sister.  I'm posting this as she has some living relatives and I'm looking to share the timeline. If you have any additional information, post it up into the comments here! I'll be adding and mmodifying some goodies into here and will note revisions at the end. This post is a living document and work in process.  I also have documents for all of the timeline events.  If you want them ping me.

28 July 1890 - Ona Balvočiūtė was born 28 of July, 1890 in Maigai village Viekšniai parish and was baptize 1 of August in Viekšniai Catolic curch. Parents were peasants Leonas Balvočius and Ona, maiden name Petrauskaitė. God parents were Jonas Voveris and Uršulė Petrauskienė….

16 Jan 1907 - Ona and Amelia "Balwoczus" (polish spelling of Balvocius) arrive inbouncd at Ellis Island on the SS Ryndam. Heading to see brother Kazimer Balwacz ( he later changes his name to Charles Bauch ) at 205 Ave C, NYC. List themselves as from "Wecheney". They are detained for lunch (2 meals) and release to Brother Kazimer at 215 Ave C, NYC. Detaining women travelling alone was a common practice.

06 Feb 1910 - Marries Mikolas Butkus. Butkus lives at 55 S 1st Str, Brooklyn, age 24 ( 1910-24=1886 ), single, laborer, from Lithuania. His parents are John and Mary Mikusis. Anna is also living at 55 S 1st St, age 20 ( 1910-20=1890 ), Lithuanian, mother Anna Petrauskas and father was Leo. Married at St Mary's Queen of Angels, 213 S 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY by Vincent Varnagios. Witnesses Jurgis Kaiurtis and Juozas Jodneucius. 

12 Nov 1911 - Helen M Butkus is born in Brooklyn, NY

22 April 1922 - Michael Butkus dies at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, age 36, tailor. Birthplace Germany. In NYC 15 yrs. Father John Butkus of Germany, and Mary Brindolis of Germany (weird stuff with Lith / German borders at this time) of a ruptured gastric ulcer, endrocartitis, and mycarditis, contributed to by surgery to rapir. Buried at Calvalry Cemetary at 231 Bedford Avenue. Resident at 07 Scholes Street, Brooklyn (Scholes is a major residence point for the Balvocius )

27 Nov 1922- Marries Kasimir Vaiciulis - photo of the event here - my grandmother is in this photo as well - the little girl on the lower right side.

23 Feb 1929 - Resident as Ana Vaigiulem, 327 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn from daughter's SS America inbound ship record with husband Michael Sobenko.

1930 - Resident at 12 Scholes Street, Brooklyn - with daughter Helen Sobenko nee Balvocius, son in law Mike - US Census

25 April 1931 - Departs USA for Lithuania

31 July 1931 - Departs Rotterdam for NYC on the SS Statendam.

8 August 1931 - Arrives NYC Ellis Island. Inbound address listed as 168 Grand Street, Brooklyn - listed as from Mazekiai to Brooklyn. Name here is Ona (Anna) Vaiciulis (iene). Huband K. Vaicilius, Vilkai / ?Ciuielsiu Lithuan stayed behind. Home listed as 168 Grand St, Brooklyn….

21 Oct 1931 - Petition for Citizenship submitted - Anna Vaiciulis - 21 Scholes St, Brooklyn, tailoress. Born in Viekeniai. Husband Kasmir Vaiciulis b Zarena Lithuania in 1889 and is residing in Zarena at this point. Helen Sobenka mentioned here and is residing in Great Neck. Witnesses Joseph Mokola of 105 S 3rd St and Victor Backis of 12 Scholes

18 August 1932 - Petition for citizenship denied by Judge Campbell for lack of knowledge

20 Feb 1937 - Departs usa (from a 1938 ship record) for Zarinai / Zidikai Lithuania where husband Kasimir is

12 July 1938 - Departs Bremen for New York. Heading from Zarinai Lithuania to Great Neck, NY. Hausfrau. Ellen Helen and Helen Sobenko on same ship headed to Greatneck NY. Getting out of Lithuania, prob due to WWII issues.

18 July 1938 - Arrived port of New York - "from" address is husband Kazys Vaiciulis, Zarinai/Lithuania, Vilkisiai - inb to son Mikol Sobenko, 59 Van Nostrand Avenue, Great Neck NY . Place of birth is listed as MAIGAI. Note she is an alien here as she never received citizenship. Children travelling on same ship, listed as US Citizens.

On 59 Van Nostrand in Great Neck, Anna is never listed on either the 1930 or 1940 census at this address. The property is occupied by Amelia and Stanislaus Metskas. Amelia is Anna's sister. Eventually 59 Van Nostrand is occupied by Eufemija "Fanny" Saulys / Cibas / Stponaviscius, who comes over as a displace person after WWII. Fanny is the grand-daughter of Barbara Balvocius, who went back to Lithuania in the 1930s and never came back. But that's a different story.

On Maigai - this is the ancestral home of the Balvocius.  You can find a picture of Ana's grandfather's grave in this article here -

I have no details on cemetery or death date for Ana at this time.

Got more details, post them here!

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