Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Going For My Y37

Today I'm mailing in my FamilyTreeDNA Y-37 DNA kit.  I'm not a DNA expert (or even novice DNA expert) so this should be a learning experience.

The Y-DNA 37 test works for direct male to male lineage for the past 8 generations.  Y37 will also get me my Haplogroup, a way of helping to pinpoint exactly where you are descended from in key areas of the world.  As populations moved, genetic tags change via 'drift' or mutations in genetics ( the real definition can be found here - ).  Various tags are associated with various points of origin.  See the Healy project at for an example.

Goodies from the Y37 kit are below.  Basically I'm supposed to wait one hour after drinking or eating and swab each cheek for sixty seconds.  Then you put the swab into a tube and break off the stick, leaving the swag in the tube.  Then you just send the tube.  In a few weeks you've got your DNA results.  Hopefully you will glean awesome insight via this test.

Items included ( see photo below )
01 - Tubes you put the completed swags into
02 - Swag kits that you rub inside your cheeks
03 - Permission slip for testing with opt in for ancestral origins
04 - Addressed envelope, no postage included so you gotta hit the Post Office
05 - Baggie to put the tubes into before you mail them.  Has your name and kit number on it
06 - Instruction sheet

Simple and painless.  If only my doctors bloodwork were this easy!

I'll post back when my results come in.  In the meantime we can talk about the Autosomal DNA tests and what I've tried.

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  1. Update: Friday, Jan 24, I received an email that they had received my kit and were processing it. No updates on the website yet.