Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mother, mother, wherefore art thou from

[2014/0216 - Just found out Zvingis may also be spelled Zvingys]

Howdy, or as they say in Lithuanian, "labas"...

Mom is still living, so she'll be C. Laukaitis from now.  She's as much 100% Lithuanian heritage as you can get.  Which means since the borders of Lithuania have shifted so much, and the messes Lithuanians have been through, I wouldn't be surprised to see Polish, Russian or Latvian pop into my heritage tree.

Culturally I was blessed.  I used to visit my grandparents in New York during the holidays and the summer.  I thought black bread, kielbasa, borscht, eels, herring, heavy beers and other Baltic goodies were normal.  As I grew up in rural Georgia, I eventually noticed my friends didn't eat those kinds of things. Hmmm.  Culinary diversity through heritage at a young age!

My autosomal DNA definitely comes through with alot of Lithuanian.  Nothing I've been able to match up yet.  Another story there.

My mother's mother's names are below.  The names can vary, as I've found out.  That will be a topic for another blog post, probably one on each name and its derivatives.  Remember, I'm doing this blog partly in hope of SEO-ifying my family tree so researchers out there looking could find the data.

Edward Anthony LAUKAITIS b 1915 Brooklyn d 1991
---+ Antanas Vincent LAUKAITIS b 1887 - birth listed as Saltineinze, Sieshltnai Kaimo, Uzno Russia, Uzno Lithuania - cant quite figure it out
---+---+ Alexander LAUKAITIS b ??? Lithuania
---+---+ Justine KESSLUTIA b ??? Lithuania
---+ Cecilia VARANUSKAS b 1886 Suwalkus Russia, Suvalki Lithuania
---+---+ Motiejus VARENAUSKAS ??? Lithuania
---+---+ Martha YESMIUTE ??? Lithuania
Bertha Bronislava Martha ZVINGIS b 1918 Brooklyn d 2002
---+ Juozapas Antanas ZVINGIS b 1883 Tirksliai Mazekiai Lithuania d 1934 Laizauva, Mazeikiai, Lithuania
---+---+ Juozapas ZVINGIS SR ??? Lithuania
---+---+ Anna MILESKAITE ??? Lithuania
---+ Marta BALVOCIUS B 1893 Vieksniai, Mazeikiai, Lithuania d 1942 NYC ( remarried a KAZLAUSKAS )
---+---+ unknown BALVOCIUS
---+---+ Anna PETRAUSKAS - ??? Vieksniai Mazekiai Lithuania

The Lithuanian side is tough.  Records are online, but, surprise, they're a combination of pre-1900 handwritten Russian Cryllic, Polish, Latin, and Lithuanian.  Oh dear lordy.  I may have to spend some money to get it unwired. "Aciu" for reading.  

As usual, "got hints"?  Contact me...

Anna Petrauaskas and Pranas (Frank) Balvocius in Vieksnia Lithuania 1925

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